Wildstar 10 bosses skill guides

There are 10 bosses available for each faction in wildstar. Although they have different names, regarding which faction you are playing, they have the same skills.

1. (E) Corporal Vizrek / (D) Sergeant Berog

Wildstar Bosses

(264k HP, 75k Shield, 2 interrupt armor). Avoid his ground fissure telegraph (large cross around him) and Skull Splitter – small telegraph targeted toward one of the NPCs or players. If you don’t move away, the boss will jump onto that location and attack you.
2. (E) Siren Aria / (D) Evoker Peale

Wildstar Bosses

(153k HP, 105k Shield, 2 interrupt armor) Can cast frontal cone ability called Sonic Scream and AOE telegraph around him called Deadly Acoustics. IF you pay attention you can easily avoid at least one of his attacks.
3. (E) Elementalist Vermilius / (D) Elementalist Blazewood

Wildstar Bosses

(250 k HP, no Shield, 2 interrupt armor) This boss does deadly fire attacks, drops fire bomb on players with aoe damaging telegraph around it – thus, run away from other players. Also, boss can buff himself with fire aura and chase players around.
4. (E) Saboteur Arminex / (D) Reaper Ludov

Wildstar Bosses

(approximately 98k HP, with 28k Shield mobs) Group of Commandos that simulate human-like intelligence, as they appear as warrior, stalker, spellslinger and etc. Be sure to pick up med packs before they reach them.
5. (E) Esper Moko / (D) Esper Alderblade

Wildstar Bosses

(212K HP, 39k Shield, 2 interrupt armor) She doubles herself with face in the crowd skill! Casts shadow darts – frontal telegraph that does small damage, shadow quake – AOE telegraph damage that disorient / blinds players who don’t move from it. It is crucial to avoid Shadow Quake.
6. (E) Agent Razios / (D) Agent Blackwatch

Wildstar Bosses

(243k HP, 63k Shield) Stalker match type of boss. Does huge amount of damage with Shadow Blink ability. Drops Shadow Mines. This 3.6k HP mines locks player in close vicinity of exploding radius (Tether CC). If you group up, you can AOE them easily, but you are more vulnerable to their explosion.
7. (E) Advanced Warbot / (D) Exile Warbot

Wildstar Bosses

(264k HP, 51k Shield, 2 interrupt armor) With Exterminate ability this boss casts a laser beam that follows a player. Since it has a long cast, you can easily interrupt it. Ability Repulse Field create circle telegraph around Warbot, pushing away and damaging everyone around him.
8. (E) Legion Assault Tank / (D) FCON Defense Tank

Wildstar Bosses

(229K HP, no shield, 2 interrupt armor) Run away from Missile Swarm telegraph because it’ll follow you as long as he casts the skill. With Pulse Burs he will knock you down. Shock Field attack makes a huge amount of damage and you have to move away from it. Exile Assault Probes explode once they reach a player.
9. (E) Marksman Decimus / (D) Sharpshooter Sparks

Wildstar Bosses

(265K HP, 71K Shield, 2 interrupt armor) Spellslinger type of boss. Can create telegraph field in front of him. Shortly after he blinks and stuns everyone in that area. Can drop couple of circle telegraphs in front of him, damaging everyone standing on top of them. Has large damage output.


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