Tips to get WildStar Gold


Gold is the main currency used in WildStar. It is used to buy all sorts of things from potions, to food, to armor, and much more. In fact, other players create some of the best weapons and armor in the game, which they can then sell to other players for gold. This is why it is incredibly important to have plenty of it if you want to get very far. You may be wondering how you can make more wildstar gold. Well, in this guide I will share with you a few tips and tricks to help you make more gold in WildStar.

When you’ve reached level 50 you’ll be able to accrue Elder Points. These Elder Points can be accumulated by undertaking any activity that would have, before you reached level 50, provided experience. Towards the bottom of your HUD you’ll see that in the place of your old experience bar, it has been replaced with Elder Points progression. Every time you fill up this bar (75,000 Elder Points) you’ll be rewarded with an Elder Gem, which you can then convert to a variety of items. As you can only earn 140 Elder Gems per week once you’ve reached that cap you will instead begin to earn money instead of experience. In terms of the conversation rate is isn’t enormous (around 1-2 gold per Adventure Boss kill) but it soon adds up as you play through a variety of the games content.

I’m going to heavily caveat this method and stress that the money versus time is often quite low if your group isn’t optimal. With a guild group of highly skilled players and when Elder Gem capped it’s easy to rattle through an Adventure or Dungeon and earn plenty of loot to salvage or sell in the process. The problem here however is that if there are any wipes or encounters which slow you down it’s more efficient to hit the Commodity Exchange.

Your bread and butter of income, the daily quests you can undertake at level 50 on Crimson Badlands and Northern Wastes provide around 1 Platinum per day. If you loot everything you kill and utilise salvaging/sales through the Commodity Exchange it can prove significantly higher. It only takes around an hour to complete the dailies and they’re also a brilliant way of allowing you to cap your Elder Gems so that you can begin earning additional money instead. The only downside to doing dailies is the repetitiveness of them and if you’re playing on a PvP server, the likelihood of being ganked.

The thought of grinding makes me want to cry and cancel my subscription but there’s a couple of spots in WildStar that are a joy to grind in. The enemies are incredibly easy to kill and respawn almost instantly. Although I’m not willing to share those spots (there’s only room for 1!) they are in Grimvault and Blighthaven. I’ve made significant amounts of money from these spots just in the space of an hour as the loot drops are excellent and relatively pain-free when talking to friends at the same time. I will add though that grinding should always be your last resort.

Without a doubt it should be a collection of all of them. Grinding is, as I stated, a last resort but all the above are absolutely viable methods of earning significant sums of money when undertaken over a period of time. In terms of efficiency simply salvaging items as you play the game, not spending what you have and the utilising the Commodity Exchange is without doubt the most effective. Learning the Commodity Exchange though is a tough process and it’s something that simply has to be tried and tested in order to maximise your effectiveness. My one warning is if you get the Commodity Exchange bug, be prepared for it to suck away hours of your time!


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